7up Pomegranate is a limited edition soda released in store selves of the holidays nationwide beginning of Nov. 1, 2007 through Jan. 31, 2008. Almost a decade later. 7up Pomegrante is re-released as a limited edition flavor for the holidays beginning of October 2016 to Early 2017.

Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (CSAB) introduces new Pomegranate 7UP.

Described as a "perfect blend of natural Pomegranate flavor added to the crisp, refreshing lemon-lime taste", the famed soda brand is among the Johnny-come-lately's to jump on a Pomegranate bandwagon with little seating for more passengers.

"With its natural Pomegranate flavor and deep burgundy color, Pomegranate 7UP is a festive addition to the holiday season," said Matt Smith, 7UP brand director for CSAB. "Pomegranate is one of the fastest growing flavors in beverages today, and Pomegranate 7UP makes a perfect primer for any holiday party."

Pomegranate 7UP has 100% natural flavors like its Lemon-Lime cousin, and is caffeine free.

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