Big Red Zero Sugar
BigRedZero 20oz vintage-rev
The previous design of Big Red Zero Sugar.
Flavor: Diet Red Creme
Color: Red      
Current Status: Permanent Flavor (For some United States stores as a Region-Specific flavor)
Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available: 1976 - Present
Related Flavors: Big Red, Big Red Vanilla Float
Related Promotions: N/A

Big Red Zero Sugar (Formerly called Diet Big Red, and Big Red Zero Calories) is a diet Big Red released in 1976. In 1985, 2003, and 2011, It's formula has been changed quite a lot.

History Edit

Big Red Zero Sugar was first introduced in 1976, Diet Big Red was Big Red Inc.’s first foray into the diet market. While originally sweetened with saccharin, the company switched to NutraSweet in 1985 citing customers’ preference for a better product with no aftertaste.

After a round of taste tests, in 2003 Diet Big Red made another edit to the formula, switching sweeteners to sucralose. The sucralose version not only tasted the most like the original Big Red, it also improved its shelf life.

In 2011, the company noticed that Diet Big Red’s sales were declining at a time when people were becoming more conscious of their calorie intake. The Research and Development department of Big Red, Inc developed 30 different variations of the diet drink. Taste tests were run in Big Red’s core markets of San Antonio, Texas and Louisville, Kentucky. During the tests, one new version repeatedly scored the highest.

In late 2012, it was launched as the company’s new no-calorie option, Big Red ZERO. Sweetened with a blend of 3 different sweetners – sucralose, Ace-K, and aspartame, its new sleek black packaging has broad appeal to diet drinkers.

In 2018, The name that Big Red Zero Calories have been changed it's name into "Big Red Zero Sugar" that was announced on their Facebook page, and soon to the Big Red soda website in mid-September 2018.