These fake Rumored flavors can be rumored in any direction. To photo-sharing websites and real life. These products Pepsi, Sierra Mist, and more sodas began to have variants over time as they go. In years, or a decade from the known year, or date of the fake soda variant. The soda is a hoax. Meaning that PepsiCo didn't officially announced the drink. This page covers the most well-known fake and/or rumored flavors.

Sierra Mist Reformulation Edit

Around 2010, it has been rumored that PepsiCo will relaunch Sierra Mist as a "wellness" drink using Stevia as it's sweetener. This however has not been confirmed by PepsiCo. In 2016, Sierra Mist has reformulated as Mist Twst. In 2018, Mist Twst was changed back to the old Sierra Mist formula.