This is a gallery of Pepsi Blue, to see Logo Designs, Bottles, Cans designs, test markets and/or minor changes to a can or any other advertisement, click on one of the links below the years listed.

Logo Designs Edit

2002-2004 Edit

Pepsi Blue Original Logo Design
This design is from 2014 in online. This picture is pretty rare to come by nowadays.

Advertisements Edit


Turkish Pepsi Blue Advertisement

This Turkish advertisement has taken place in 2002-2003 and it has surfaced rarely in Bing image search in another search filter.

Pepsi Blue Online Promo Advertisement

This promo as seen on Pepsi's website around early 2002 and it's one of the surfaced promos out there online.

Bottles Edit

2002-2004 Edit

Pepsi Blue Original Bottle
This bottle is the original design of Pepsi Blue that is released in August 2002, and then discontinued in May 2004 in the US.

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