Pepsi Caramel
Pepsi Caramel Bottle

An Pepsi Caramel Bottle.
Flavor: Cola
Color: Caramel-Brown     
Current Status: Current Flavor
Locations Available:

Exclusive CircleK locations

Year(s) Available:

Halloween 2017

Related Flavors: Pepsi Jazz
Related Promotions: Unknown

Pepsi Caramel is an Caramel flavored Pepsi. It is released in Halloween 2017, where exclusive CircleK gas stations held the flavor in Bottles.

History Edit

Pepsi Caramel is first seen in a YouTube video that myCountryMarket posted on Sept. 2, 2017 as seen in the background on one of the selves. Pepsi Caramel is released in exclusive CircleK Locations, Along side Mountain Dew Pitch Black II Icee Form in Halloween.

Trivia Edit

  • Pepsi Caramel is the 2nd Soda that has been produced in the Pepsi lineup. The First being Jazz Caramel.

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