Retro Big Red
RetroBigRed 12oz glass
A Retro Big Red Soda Bottle.
Flavor: Red Crème
Color: Red      
Current Status: Permanent Flavor (For some United States stores as a Region-Specific flavor)
Locations Available: United States
Year(s) Available: 2000s - Present
Related Flavors: Big Red, Big Red Zero Sugar, Big Red Vanilla Float
Related Promotions: N/A

Retro Big Red is a Big Red variant that is made with natural sugar, just like most soft drinks were in the 1980's before soda companies switched to high-fructose corn syrup.

History Edit

Retro Big Red was first released possibly sometime in the 2000s.

Its ingredients and flavor were based on the original Big Red flavor, and it used packaging and logos reminiscent of the 1950s.