Mountain Dew Ice is a clear lemon-lime Mountain Dew flavor released around early January 2018. It was leaked on September 2017 by the YouTube channel myCountryMarket. Another YouTuber by the name of Avery Heaney TV and his friends had found Mountain Dew Ice early in his video.

History Edit

Mountain Dew Ice is first seen in a YouTube video that myCountryMarket posted on Sept. 8, 2017 as seen in the background on one of the shelves. A few weeks later, myCountryMarket posted a review about the soda. myCountryMarket said that the soda was going to be released around the Super Bowl of 2018. But the soda is released so early that they are wrong about the soda's release.

Description Edit

Mountain Dew Ice is a Lemon-lime flavored soda with a splash of real juice. It is clear in color.


Trivia Edit

  • Mountain Dew Ice is featured in the YouTube channel myCountryMarket along with three new other flavors: Game Fuel (Tropical Smash) , Arctic Burst , and Holiday Brew.
  • Mountain Dew Ice is the 2nd clear soda that has been produced in the Mountain Dew lineup. The first being Dewshine.
  • Avery Heaney TV is another Youtuber that has founded Holiday Brew, and Mountain Dew Ice early in his videos.

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