The future of the Pepsi Wiki is very possible to change of it's content of the pages, pictures, and other content We had to do on this wiki. Our plans (as followed or not) .

  1. We need to add all the infomation of the original flavors, and then the variants of Pepsi, and it's products. (Active and it's not complete as of yet.)
  2. We should take a look of the history of Pepsi's timeline to make sure the timeline is correct of others to see. (Work In Progress)
  3. The articles of the promotions, and what notch need to be added, and updated at the current infomation.  (Planned)
  4. If a new flavor or rumor is coming out. We need to act fast as possible of the rumor, or the release of the new soda in the Pepsi lineup. (Prepared)
  5. We should add pictures of the cans, and infomation about it. (Suggestion by Duckieboy01)

If there are new ideas for this wiki. Talk to Me for the ideas You have. Enjoy the wiki.

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